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“My teeth have always been a bother to me. I had them straightened when I was at school but over the years I found them moving and springing out of line. I spoke to Carla about my options for straightening. One option was quick, approx. 6 months, which would mean fixed braces. The other option, a longer job, but with removable braces. I decided the best route for me would be to go with the removable option.I run my own business and am very conscious when meeting clients, I didn’t feel comfortable about wearing fixed braces, purely vanity. During the straightening period, I also had a holiday and a wedding, this also added to my decision for removable braces.

The brace was fitted and regularly checked, tightening where necessary. The first few days were the hardest as your teeth are moving and you also have to get used to having a foreign object in your mouth. After this, I don’t remember having any problems at all. New aligners were made as my teeth moved and I now only have to wear retainers during the night as a fail safe.

I’m very pleased with the result. Although the route I chose wasn’t the quickest I think it was the best one for me, it fitted into my lifestyle and was easy to manage.”

M Miller, Inman Aligner

“Heading fast to turning 30 I was becoming more aware of my smile or rather lack of smile! 
I was always the one pulling a funny face or hiding my smile all because I was getting so self-conscious of my front teeth not been straight and one in particular stuck out. That I didn’t want to have a picture taken.

I attended for a consultation with Carla in June 2015, after discussing the various options. I decided that 6/12 smiles were the braces for me. I knew removable wasn’t for me, I knew I just wouldn’t wear them and find it too easy take them out. 

I am so pleased that I took the decision to have my braces fixed, to get the final result in six months was brilliant.

I now can smile with confidence on photos, I feel confident when I am talking to people and finally happy with my smile.

Carla and all the team at Hunmanby Dental practice are fantastic and I can highly recommend them to give you your confidence back and the straight teeth you have always wanted.”


“I attended to see Carla with my little girl Isabelle age 5 after she had clashed heads with a boy at school and her lower front tooth had come loose. 

Carla and the dental nurse Kayleigh were brilliant the reassured Isabelle and took a x-ray to see what the damage was. Unfortunately Isabelle needed to have the tooth taken out, but she wasn’t so keen on having it done that day. Carla sat with her for a little while and spoke to her like she was a grown up but in a way that she understood and they agreed that if the tooth didn’t come out in 1 week by its self then we would need to return so that Carla could take it out before it caused too much damage to the adult tooth underneath and the bone. 

1 week later we was back Isabelle was nervous but Carla and Kirsty reassured Isabelle and she happily sat in the chair, the put some magic gel on the gum to help it go to sleep before the injection, then they numbed the tooth the tooth, all the time reassuring Isabelle and checking she was ok. it took seconds to wiggle the tooth out and Isabelle dis amazing we didn’t have any tears and she was so proud of herself. I believe that this was because Carla spent the time speaking to her and reassuring her. 
Please see the picture provided. you wouldn’t think she had just had a tooth taken out!!

I as a parent can’t thank everyone enough for spending the time with us and getting us through having a tooth taken out. ”

Currently, it is increasingly difficult to get appointments at your existing or register with a new dental practice. We fully appreciate how frustrating this can feel and we are working hard to continue to provide you with a quality service.

We are asking that now more than ever, please be considerate of these difficult times and always allow 24 hours to cancel an appointment. Giving us this notice allows the team time to allocate it to someone in need.

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