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Our Team

Carla J Pierce
BDS Hons

GDC Number: 150094

Our practice principal, Dr Carla Pierce, graduated with honours from the University of Manchester and gained extensive experience in general, hospital and HM prison dentistry. She became a practice owner in 2012, aged only 27, and continues to be a skilled, focused practitioner, committed to the belief that high-quality dentistry should be available to all. Dr Pierce is the driving force behind our preventive programme and she has surrounded herself with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic professionals.

Dr Pierce provides private dental care to adults and NHS treatment to children. She has a keen interest in orthodontics and oral surgery, and treats cosmetic and NHS orthodontic cases, as well as carrying out more challenging surgical procedures. Despite having these special interests, Dr Pierce also remains committed to general dentistry and has a long list of regular patients.

Dr Pierces’ vision for the Hunmanby Dental’s future is a continued emphasis on prevention, carrying out minimally invasive procedures, and educating patients to ensure their long-termlasting dental health.

Dr Pierce at a glance

  • Graduation with Honours
  • Winner of the Young Dentist Endodontic Award
  • Six Month Smiles, Inman aligner and NHS orthodontics provider
  • Somnowell anti-snoring and sleep apnoea treatment
  • Minor oral surgery
  • Nervous patients
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Teeth whitening
  • NHS paediatric dentistry

Carla is married to David Pierce, the Business and Account Manager for the practice. When not at work, the couple enjoy spending time with their daughter and exploring the North Yorkshire coast.

Fiona Saunders

GDC Number: 211692

Fiona graduated from Sheffield University in 2011, and is now our senior dentist, providing exceptional NHS and Private care to all our patients. Fiona is a key member of the team, taking on extra responsibilities as our Fire Marshall and Data Protection Officer.

ona is particularly skilled in providing cosmetic dentures, accepts referrals for these and is often part of a team approach to creating new smiles.

Fiona at a glance

  • NHS dentistry
  • Delivering better oral health
  • Dental prevention
  • Private dentures

Away from work, Fiona enjoys travelling around the country with her husband, young daughter and 2 dogs, Yogi and Boo.

Amanda Watson

GDC Number: 5550

Mandy works at the practice part time, providing private and Denplan patients with dental hygiene care. This ranges from maintaining good oral health, with scaling and polishing and airflow stain removal, to complex periodontal treatment to stabilise and preserve teeth affected by periodontal disease. She also offers private Periochip and Dentomycin treatments.

Mandy has been working with the team since 2002 and her experience ensures hygiene treatments are an invaluable part of the care we can provide for our patients.

Jane Ross
Practice Manager

GDC Number: 117925

Jane has worked at the practice for over thirty years as a senior dental nurse and our patients have come to rely on Janes’ professionalism, caring attitude. More recently Jane has become the practice manager. Combining her exceptional patient care with organisational skills. Leading the team to ensure we meet our own high standards.

Kirsty Wilson
Senior Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 233785

Kirsty is a registered dental nurse. Completing her National Diploma in 2012. Following on from her qualification Kirsty has continued to gain extended duties and is now qualified as dental radiographer, impression nurse fluoride nurse. Kirsty has a great rapport with our patients and teamed with great clinical skills she is a key member of our team.

Muney Singh Jauhal
BDS, PGCert, PGDip

GDC Number: 265152

Mr Singh is an experienced dental surgeon who has recently started at the practice. He graduated from Kings College London and has since worked in General Dental Practice as well as in the hospital Oral and Maxillofacial Unit, completing surgical procedures.
Mr Singh has gained a number of additional dental qualifications and has recently completed a masters in dental care.
Mr Singh will be treating Private and Denplan patients. He is trained in the latest dental techniques and aims to provide minimally invasive high-quality dentistry for all patients.
Mr Singh enjoys completing general dental cases as well as cosmetic dentistry, whitening and helping restore the smile of patients suffering from worn-down teeth.

Mr Singh at a glance –

  • Private dentistry
  • Minimally invasive dental work
  • Whitening, cosmetic dentistry, tooth wear, management
  • Masters in primary dental care
  • Facial rejuvenation

Bhuvana Thayalasamy
BDS (Hons), PGCert, PGDip

GDC Number: 265112

Bhuvana graduated from Kings College London in 2016 with honours.

Since then Bhuvana has worked in General Dental Practice and in a Maxillofacial Unit where she gained further surgical and oral medicine experience.
Bhuvana will be providing NHS and Private dental care to adults and children.

Bhuvana has a keen interest in paediatric dentistry, crowns and dentures. Bhuvana has experience in dealing with nervous patients and helping them overcome their fears associated with dentistry.

Bhuvana at a glance –

  • NHS and Private dentistry
  • General restorative dentistry
  • Nervous patients
  • Facial rejuvenation

Kayleigh Gage
Qualified Dental Nurse

GDC Number: 140222

Kayleigh is a qualified dental nurse with over 10 years experience. Our patients need nurses that listen, put people at ease and have the abilities to provide excellent support to our dentists. Kayleigh is accomplished in all of these skills. Following on from her qualification Kayleigh has extended her duties and is now qualified to take impressions.

Tracy Lambert

Our reception team as the window to the practice. Tracy has years of experience in health care with exceptional communication skills. Tracy spends time getting to know out patients and always giving them a warm welcome.

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