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Oral health & check ups

We focus firmly on prevention to avoid the need for more extensive and costly treatment. We want to see you regularly, so we can keep a close eye on your oral health and spot problems before they get any worse.

During a routine check-up, we look for signs of infection, tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. We also teach you how to look after your teeth effectively at home.

If we do discover any issues, we offer a broad range of treatments to repair and restore teeth including:

  • Fillings – we can repair a damaged tooth with traditional amalgam fillings or white fillings for a more natural-looking result.
  • Root canal therapy – this involves removing infected pulp to save a tooth that may otherwise have to be extracted.
  • Crowns – we can restore the strength, shape and look of an unsightly tooth with these permanent cover-ups.
  • Bridges – these can fill the gaps left by missing teeth. They consist of a false tooth positioned between two crowns that slot over the teeth either side of a gap.
  • Dentures – our modern dentures restore your smile and make speaking and eating so much easier.

As well as investing in relevant training, equipment and technology, we are keen to get to know you as an individual, so we can provide tailored oral healthcare. We also want to make sure you feel as relaxed as possible when you attend appointments, and we will always listen carefully to any of your concerns.

Currently, it is increasingly difficult to get appointments at your existing or register with a new dental practice. We fully appreciate how frustrating this can feel and we are working hard to continue to provide you with a quality service.

We are asking that now more than ever, please be considerate of these difficult times and always allow 24 hours to cancel an appointment. Giving us this notice allows the team time to allocate it to someone in need.

Any failed or late cancelled appointments will now have the 'late cancellation fee; applied in full*, your further appointments may be cancelled, treatments discontinued, or registration withdrawn from the practice.

Please expect to wait a minimum of 8 weeks for an alternative appointment date, this will be made after the late cancellation fee has been paid.

Our team and clinicians are here to help as much as they can, please treat them with respect and kindness, we have a zero-tolerance policy.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hunmanby Dental

*Please note that the failure to appear charge for appointments under 30 minutes is £38

**For treatment appointments greater than 30 minutes, 50% of the treatment amount or £38. Whichever is the greater.