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Fee Guide

Private Fee Guide Januaray 2017
January 2018
New patient examinations £68.00 £68.00
Joining from Denplan practice £48.00 £48.00
Recommended: Combined oral health review with dentist and hygiene visit (saving £20) £62.50 included included
Routine oral health examination (seen within 3 years) £42.50 included included
Toothache appointments (assessment and advice only) £35.00 included included
Small radiographs (pair) £14.00 included included
Panoral films (extraoral) £28.00 included included
Cosmetic and orthodontic assessments FREE
Dental hygiene and prevention
Regular or light scaling and polishing with hygenist (20 mins) £40.00 included
Deeper scaling or ongoing/preventative periodontal treatments (30 mins) £50.00 included
Stain removal/air polishing £65.00 10% discount
Preventative restorations to molar teeth £25.00 included
Fissure sealants £18.00 included
Treatment of sensitive teeth or root exposure from £18.00 included
Fluoride varnish application (per tooth) £6.00 included
Restorative dentistry
Tooth-coloured fillings (depending on size and complexity) £70.00 included
Silver fillings (depending on size and complexity) £60.00 included
Root canal treatment £325.00 included
Veneers £325.00 10% discount 10% discount
Compeneers £250.00 10% discount 10% discount
Conventional bridgework £760.00 Lab bill
Adhesive bridgework £450.00 Lab bill
Aesthetic high-impact dentures £450.00 Lab bill
Partial dentures (depending on size and complexity) £280.00 Lab bill
Full acrylic dentures (upper and lower arch) £800.00 Lab bill
Chrome/alloy based dentures (per arch) £450.00 Lab bill
Anti thumb sucking/habit breakers £65.00 Lab bill
Soft mouthguards £65.00 Lab bill
Somnowell appliances £850.00 5% discount 5% discount
Short-term orthodontics
Six Month Smiles (both arches) £2,500.00 5% discount 5% discount
Inman Aligners (per arch) £900.00 5% discount 5% discount
Clearstep Aligners (per arch – depending on complexity) £900.00 5% discount 5% discount
Facial aesthetics
Consultations for smile assessments FREE
Teeth whitening – take home (both arches) £350.00 5% discount 5% discount
Wrinkle relaxation (depending on number of areas) £150.00 5% discount 5% discount
Dermal fillers (per syringe) £200.00 5% discount 5% discount


This price list is just a guide, so always be sure to check and sign your personal treatment plan.

The list is not exhaustive – please ask us if you need any further information.

We have numerous advice sheets, which are available on request.


Denplan Essentials £13.87
There is a set fee for Denplan Essentials that includes two combined dental exam and hygiene visits.

This price of Denplan Essentials will be fixed from 2016 – 2018.

Please ask for more information about Denplan Essentials at your next check-up.

Denplan Care Denplan care includes all treatments required to maintain oral health and cosmetic dentistry is discounted.
Band A £13.88
Band B £21.67
Band C £26.31
Band D £35.62
Band E £41.86

We are no longer accepting new NHS patients. For existing NHS patients, the fees are changed every April and can be found on the NHS website, or we do have up-to-date information in the practice. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

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